Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So It's Been Awhile.... Life Updates!

Let's just say this blog has not had some love for almost a year now. That's sad because we've had some serious updates happen and I haven't posted anything!

July 2014: I moved back home to Idaho leaving Cody for about a month out in Pennsylvania. That was hard. What was even worse is I made him pack up the whole apartment all by himself! :( his dad flew out and drove the 36 hours home. They were champs!

August 2014: Cody finished is first year of PA school! It was definitely a long and jam packed year but he did it and he did so good.

September 2014: Cody started his very first rotation in Idaho Falls. He does each one for about 5 weeks. He rotates with different Drs in the area doing different specialties. We are absolutely loving this 2nd year of PA school. He doesn't have any homework and we can actually do stuff besides study the minute he gets home from school. I started working at Retreat Day Spa in Idaho Falls and LOVE it. I did the front desk every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the first 6 months and then took appts Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I worked a lot but it's been worth it.

October 2014: the end of this month we found out we were expecting!

November 2014: I turned 23. Can't believe I'm gettin old... We celebrated thanksgiving with both families.

December & January 2014 & 2015: Celebrated Christmas and New Years with both families.

February 2015: on the 10th we went in to find out we are having a BOY! We didn't need extra ultrasounds to know we saw right away :) I stopped doing the front desk and only do appts 2 days a week.

March & April 2015: We both continued to work, do rotations, and go to many Dr. Appts

May: Cody turned 25! Now he is gettin old... :) Had my baby shower. Seriously, is it that time already!?

June: waiting the arrival of our little man! Only 4 more weeks... I can't believe how fast it has gone.

Life has been treating us so great and we couldn't be happier! We are definitely blessed.

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